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DIVERT is the first point of contact for the whole range of services in digital media production. In addition to the Workflow Solution Package (WSP) we also offer the following services:


High End Visual Effects 

All kinds of spectacular, life-like digital effects are the result of DIVERT’s efficient chain of production and its state of the art hardware and software. Our team of highly talented and creative visual effects artists bring extremely complex and awe-inspiring pictures to life and assume the planning and implementation of the digital post-production for a wide range of feature films and TV shows.



DIVERT provides the whole range of services within a 3D CG animation production workflow, from initial character design, special effects to the final broadcast output. These services are not only provided for films and television, but also for commercials, short films, architectural, industrial and scientific visualization, video games and much more.


Stereoscopic 3D 

The three-dimensional effect created by stereoscopic 3D has in the meantime become the acknowledged standard for film and media. In response to this development, DIVERT not only provides its clients with full 3D for films that are shot stereoscopically but also offers the conversion of 2D film material into a stereoscopic 3D Format.